Becoming a coach

Primarily, becoming a coach is not about football skills and prowess but a commitment to the children - everything else follows.

All the coaches are CRB checked and they join in initially by turning up in a pair of football boots and following the lead of the established coaches - this usually means helping to organise a small group of players, following a training exercise or crowd control on a mini match.
As time and confidence moves on it becomes clear where the new coach needs to be and he/she slots in very easily into his/her new role.

The formal training takes place when there are enough new coaches waiting to take their FA Level 1 certificate. Appleton AFC funds the training which is worth in the region of £200 and from this asks for a commitment to stay and progress the Academy, although there is no formal contract.
The certificate is normally run over 3 full days (weekends) and 2 evenings for the safeguarding and first aid although there is some flexibility in this.

The Academy trains every Saturday morning and whilst there will always be the odd unavoidable event that takes place, Saturday mornings 8.30-10am are football mornings.

As the children move through the years, the coach moves with them and coaches their own child.
During Year 2 the coaches will meet to discuss how the teams will be divided for the start of the league in Year 3.
Again the coaches stay with their own children and the aim is to place the children in a team where they will be happiest - with a group of friends of similar ability. Once into Year 3 matches are normally played on a Saturday morning with one night in the week set aside for training.

If you are interested in becoming a coach for the Appleton Academy or would like to find another way in which you can help, or you would like any further information then please contact us.