Help Needed on Committee and at Presentation Day

We really do need some people to step up and help.

Help Needed on Committee and at Presentation Day

Help Needed

We really do need some people to step up and help share the burden of running the club. If you have said that you would help, now is the time to let us know. We need some people to join us by doing a role on the committee, and others to help make the presentation day work. 


We are the largest club in the area with now nearly 700 kids playing regular football. All run by a dedicated committee of volunteers of 9. It isn't enough and we really need to add more committee members to our team, or look at alternative ways of making our lives more managable.

As a bunch of volunteers we can do with all the help we can have. As such we have created a list of roles that we could do with some support on. Please have a look and see if you can spare some time to support us. Most of them are fairly defined roles that would not necessarily require attendance to frequent meetings.


Some tasks we get are admin based and burdensome at certain times - such as signing on hundreds of players at the start of the season. We also need someone to administer fines from time to time.

Website manager and/or Social media manager

We have a great website, but never get around to updating it. We could also get more out on Facebook and Twitter.

Club Welfare

This important role needs a team of people to be able to spread the load and ensure that everything is done correctly. We're looking for more people to assist our current CWO Christine


The secretary role is quite large for a club of our size and we are looking to split the role into smaller functions to make it easier.


Similarly the treasurer would love to be able to share some tasks and ensure that the finances have the correct level of accountability.

Sponsorship/Fundraising manager

We have a great opportunity to make some extra money and offer companies a chance to spread their brand. We need someone to create the sponsorship packages and advertise and administer them.

Events/Social manager

We do one main social event a year - presentation day in June - so someone to lead that and if they would like to create any other events then that would be great.

Pitch Inspections team

We could always do with a few more names to volunteer to have a look at the pitches on winter mornings to see if they can take a few games of football. A job that really suits dog owners that live local.

The list isn’t exhaustive and any help would be great. Please make us an offer if you have another skill that you feel that we could do with.

Please contact us if you are able to assist by emailing Richard on 

Presentation Day

The presentation day is the 27th June this year, add the date to you diary. If you can help with any of the following ;

Setting up - Saturday morning
Beat the goalie
Selling Raffle tickets
Cake stall
Tuck shop
Tidy up (Saturday night or Sunday morning)

Or with raffle prizes and auction items before the day .

Contact Kate via

Or come along to the planning meeting -16th March , 8pm @ Thorn Inn