Helping the club

Helping the club

We are the largest club in the area with over 600 kids, including around 80 in the academy and a rapidly growing band of more than 100 girls. All run by a dedicated committee of volunteers.   We are currently optimistic that we will receive the funding to upgrade the astroturf at Broomfields Leisure Centre to a brand new high-quality 3G pitch as the partner club to the development. However, in order to do this, we have had to make commitments to the FA about how we will continue to support the game in the community, grow participation in the girls and make it easy for kids to have a pathway into adult football.  

As a bunch of volunteers we can do with all the help we can have. As such we have created a list of roles that we could do with some support on. Please have a look and see if you can spare some time to support us. Most of them are fairly defined roles that would not necessarily require attendance to frequent meetings.

Compounds manager

This suits a handy person. All of our match day equipment is in 3 compounds. We could do with someone to take a lead look after this and periodically check that compounds and equipment are in working order, accessible, safe and replaced if necessary.

Sponsorship manager

We have a great opportunity to make some extra money and offer companies a chance to spread their brand. We need someone to create the sponsorship packages and advertise and administer them.

Events/Social manager

We do one main social event a year - presentation day in June - so someone to lead that and if they would like to create any other events then that would be great.

Ladies Social Football coordinator

Part of our commitment to the FA for the new 3G pitch is to create a ladies social football session. We have the names of around 20 ladies who are prepared to come along - we just need someone to organise this. 

Tournaments manager

We have never really hosted our own tournaments. We're keen to see what could be done but this does take some organising.

Schools liaison

We occasionally need to keep teams going by finding some more players and always need new kids feeding in at the youngest age group. A key way of doing this is to ensure that we have a good way into schools in order to advertise at the right age group. A consistent schools liaison officer means that we can get a good message out to all of the right schools with minimal effort.

Social Media Manager

We could really do more social media if we had someone that was more of a natural at social media!

Boot and kit recycling

Does anyone want to have a go at getting a boot recycling scheme up and running?

Pitch Inspections team

We could always do with a few more names to volunteer to have a look at the pitches on winter mornings to see if they can take a few games of football. A job that really suits dog owners that live local.

The list isn’t exhaustive and any help would be great. Please make us an offer if you have another skill that you feel that we could do with.

Please contact us if you are able to assist