Discount Matchday Glasses - with Martin Berry Opticians

Appleton AFC link with Martin Berry Opticians (in Stockton Heath) for discount sports glasses

You may have seen the news recently regarding children wearing eyewear whilst playing sports.  The main hazard areas are metal frames with adjustable nose pads and frames that are not firmly secured with a sports band.

There are good options for team members who need an optical correction to play.

A - Sports goggles fitted with polycarbonate lenses and a secure sports band

B - Contact lens solution.



The C2 sports goggle (pictured) has a replaceable bridge, ventilation at the temple to help stop steaming up and adjustable temples. The standard pack comes with side arms and a detachable sports strap. The frames are glazed with polycarbonate impact resistant lenses.

For additional safety the sides can be removed and a full sport band fitted (pictured).  This is called a Strap Adapt head strap & is an additional add on.

It's also possible to have a team number or initials added.

The cost of the frame and polycarbonate  lenses for the prescription range below can be supplied exclusively to Appleton AFC members at a special price of £99.00 (normally £149). This is a discounted deal for club members only. 

The strap adapt headband is £20

Letter or number personalisation is £17

Please note, stronger prescriptions would have to be specially made and would carry a surcharge. This shouldn’t apply to many the players.  If your child requires non prescription eye protection please contact the opticians for advise & prices.


The opticians have fitted contact lenses to the 8+ category for many years.  The only limiting factor in fitting a contact lens is the maturity to look after them.  From a physiological perspective babies have been fitted with lenses where spectacles are not a viable option. 

The introduction of daily disposable ( one wear ) lenses makes the management for children very easy.

We can offer all team members a Free consultation , Free fitting and Free trial of daily disposable lenses.

This applies to spherical, astigmatic, and multifocal options for coaches.

The cost of lenses would be as follows:

•Daily disposable spherical lenses - £0.90 per pair

•Astigmatic and multifocal - £1.40 per pair

•Lens costs also include aftercare appointments going forward


This is a discounted deal for Appleton AFC members only. Please take your current shirt for proof.